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Independent from sector, size, purchasing volume, geographical position and technological infrastructures of a company, Electronic Procurement (e-tedarik) management system supports to the customers for developing their conventional procurement process. By using the e-tedarik system customers can have productivity in procurement process, control over demands, cost saving and transparency in purchasing.

In the e-tedarik system, our customers can have e-catalogue, e-auction and e-procurement applications. By using these applications customers can supply their own direct and indirect requirements. Especially, for mid-sized or large companies, e-tedarik management system supplies more systematic, more secure and reliable, more controllable and less costly way for their indirect purchases via outsourcing, instead of having burdensome of the in-house operations and being open to risk and uncontrolled for the goods and services which includes scattered, various and less valued items.

How to do?
The inquiries will be entered from the customized pages on the web. The vendors will be invited to submit their bids for  the proposal or the auction and to mention their sales conditions in a certain time interval. The vendors will submit their bids on the web via online reverse/forward auction in a certain time interval in a certain date. The customer will see the bids, if he likes and interrupt if necessary. The vendor having the best bid including the best delivery conditions will get the order. The customer could determine the criteria of winning bids like appropriate delivery time, quality and price etc.


will procure their needs without dealing any procedure and they will pay less than the purchasing with using their own resources. In this process they do not need to think about operational expenses, time loses, system installation, vendor relations, purchasing expert allocation etc., just they will procure their inquiries.

Vendors :
The advertising expenses, fear of not-known by the market, unable to enter to the ossified supplier portfolio of the customers will be disappeared. They will know all auctions or tenders and they will try to decrease their costs with in this competitive market. The vendors will have an opportunity to sell their products to other countries and regions and this will create new market opportunities.

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