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  • Who is using the e-procurement?

Our System, independent from purchasing volume, geographical position and technological infrastructures, can be used by all types of firms, institutions and/or organizations. (Holdings, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Construction companies ...)

There are the large multinational companies among our existing customers, as well the SME class companies.

  • How does the system work?

While purchasing products and services up to 40% savings can be achieved depending on the sector because of the ethics competition environment and transparent structure supplied by the system. Also because of the time savings ,supported by the transition to electronic environment , provides significant savings in operational costs.

  • What should I do to be included in the system?

Only one personal computer with an internet connection is enough to access the e-procurement system. We will provide a user name and password for involvement in the system by the way it is possible to immediately start using.

  • Which types of Products and Services can be purchased?

The e-procurement system are available for purchasing many types of products and services categories from construction to automotive, from iron & steel products to office supplies.

  • Is there a certain limited amount to use the system?

Although there is no limit, The benefits of the system have been much higher with a high amount of purchases.

  • By a trial how can I see the system works?

If you want, you can see how the system works and the savings by doing one of your real purchase through the system, as free of charge and without any commitment.

  • When I decided to use, how much will I pay?

We have diffirent types of pricing models, the commission through the achieved actual savings, fixed monthly payment and as per contract pricing.
And customers can choose any of the pricing models to their best advantage and will also change their choise at any time to their own advantage.
For detailed information, please contact us.

  • Can my existing suppliers use the system, can they be easily included the system?

To ensure that suppliers use the system seamlessly, our call center is giving uninterrupted service. More than thousand of suppliers operating in different areas is using the system smoothly, because the system is easy to use, additionally trainings and support services given by our call center.

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